Bob Eddy

Bob Eddy is a photojournalist, portrait, landscape photographer and painter. For twenty years he has served on the staff of The Herald of Randolph and managed First Light Studios. Bob lives in Braintree.

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Tim Calabro

Tim began photography work at The Herald in 2000, while still in high school in South Royalton. Besides serving as a photographer, Tim also works in the composing department, designing pages and photo layouts for the paper each week. He lives in Randolph.

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Ben DeFlorio

Ben is a Randolph native, graduating from RUHS 1997. Besides photography, Ben is also a freelance construction consultant and designer. His photos can be seen regularly in Upper Valley Life Magazine.

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Dylan Kelley

Growing up in rural Vermont, Dylan graduated from Chelsea High School in the Class of 2005, and graduated from Bur­lington College as a triple major in photography, documentary studies, and media. With a background in multimedia production, Dylan has produced a live current events radio show in Burlington, and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs to report on healthcare, education, the economy, and media literacy.